About OzoneInfoCenter.Org


An ozone information center where anyone and everyone can share credible, unbiased and updated information on this element that is so crucial to our life on Earth.

Ozone Info Center aims to provide a neutral platform for all industries to engage with each other on the much maligned ozone.

We may not know it all. Our goal is to seek the truth and clarify whenever we can.

Academicians, industry players, Governments, EPA and other regulators are welcome to engage constructively with Ozone Info Center so we can add to the understanding of Ozone.


We are a group of individuals drawn from various backgrounds, disciplines and training united by our common concern over the amount of confusion over ozone, the gas that Mother Nature creates to cleanse Earth.

We are self-funded and will not solicit funding from academia, industries, Governments, Government Agencies, Inter-Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, regulators or authorities in the United States or anywhere else. We remain independent so we can share news and views without fear or favour.


We set out to debunk myths over ozone (the gas) as well as to eliminate confusion over terms where smog is often referred to as ozone, leading well-meaning individuals to give misinformed opinions and even disperse erroneous advice.

If Ozone was a person, she would cry out at the injustices heaped on her. She is so much maligned that she is accused of being the pollutant in smog when she is the cleanser within this man-made cocktail of gas which was initially called smog. This was then mislabelled as “ground level ozone” and shortened to “ozone pollution” and finally, just ozone.


Mother Earth. We seek to spread the word, first in the United States and Europe, and thence throughout the developed world before focussing on the fast-developing Asia Pacific and Australasia.


By sharing all credible information available in the public domain drawn from academia, regulatory studies, industry reports, views from key opinion leaders and any other interested parties. While we may not publish conflicted opinions, we welcome all positive engagements from all parties.

Our Hope

We hope that this initiative will enable individuals to engage and discuss facts across industry, therefore, providing unbiased views for all.